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Furniss Law Firm Gets Postal Carrier Reinstatement and 6-Figure Settlement Against USPS

The Furniss Law Firm recently settled a case against the USPS for a postal carrier who was terminated while she was pregnant and on FMLA leave. The USPS not only paid a substantial sum to settle this case but the Client was offered reinstatement to a…
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Furniss Law Firm Files Wrongful Termination Suit Against Village of Cahokia, IL

Several employees of Cahokia were fired for their protected free speech and political views. The Constitution protects people from being fired because of who they vote and/or campaign for. A lawsuit was filed in Federal Court in the Southern District…
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Missouri Minimum Wage Law Overtime Lawsuit Certified as a Class Action in St. Louis City

Judge Julian Bush of the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis recently granted class action status for assistant-managers against a Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches franchise. Salaried Assistant Managers were scheduled to work 60 hours a week and…
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Furniss Law Firm Files Class Action Overtime Lawsuit Against St. Louis Jimmy John's Franchise

An assistant manager of Jimmy John’s filed a lawsuit in St. Louis City Circuit Court against local Jimmy John’s franchise, Lugano2, LLC, for failing to pay him and other assistant managers for the overtime they worked in excess of 40 hour…
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Furniss Law Firm Gets Railroad Employee Back to Work After Off-Duty Injury

A railroad employee was cleared by his personal doctor to return to work after an off-duty injury. However, when he attempted to return to work, the railroad refused to let him mark-up for duty. After the Furniss Law Firm became involved, the employe…

Discrimination Class Action Against Boeing Allowed to Proceed in Federal Court

Judge Carol Jackson of the Eastern District of Missouri recently denied Boeing’s Motion to Completely Dismiss a Class Action brought by employees regarding Boeing’s unfair and discriminatory hiring practices. View the court’s order…
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Federal Judge Certifies Conditional Class Action Overtime Wage Claim Against Monsanto

Judge Richard Weber of the Eastern District of Missouri recently conditionally certified an Overtime Wage Class Action for Customer Operations Specialists and Customer Service Representatives who believe they should have received overtime wages for h…
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