Employment Law

Employment Law

Attorney Ryan Furniss dedicates much of his practice to helping employees whose rights were violated by an employer, including by being denied fair wages or wrongfully terminated. The Furniss Law Firm takes employment law cases throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area and Metro-East, the Kansas City metropolitan area, outstate Missouri, the Chicago metropolitan area, and downstate Illinois. Learn more about our employment practice below. Or contact us now to discuss your claim. Ryan offers a free, confidential consultation about your rights and legal options.

Wrongful Termination / Discrimination

In many states and unless you have a contract stating otherwise, an employer can terminate you for ANY reason or no reason at all. However, if you are fired because of unlawful discrimination, harassment, or in retaliation for advocating for your pro… Read More

Minimum Wage and Overtime

An employer is required to pay you the legally mandated minimum wage and/or overtime pay. While there are several exemptions from this general rule, many employers either intentionally deprive employees of their guaranteed pay rates or unintentionall… Read More

Railroad Harassment, Retaliation and Discrimination

There are several laws that protect Railroad employees from harassment, retaliation and discrimination. One of those laws is the Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA) passed by Congress to protect railroad workers and employees of railroad contractors and s… Read More

Railroad Contractors

Railroads often hire contractors to perform railroad related work. In certain circumstances, even though your paycheck comes from another company, you may be considered a railroad employee or covered by laws that protect railroad workers, including t… Read More

Workers' Compensation Retaliation

It is an unfortunate situation when you are injured at work. Not only are you dealing with your injury and medical care, but often you are missing work also. If you have been injured at work, St. Louis attorney Ryan Furniss works with workers’ comp… Read More

United States Federal Government Employee Discrimination

Federal Government Employees have a vastly different procedure to follow for claims of job discrimination and retaliation. The initial process may seem simple and less adverse as your initial complaints are handled within the agency itself. As a resu… Read More

Tortious Interference with a Contract / Business Expectancy

Individuals and small businesses typically face disadvantages in negotiating contracts or employment. On top of that, they face constant competition which, when fair, is healthy for a capitalist society. However, what happens when a company goes too… Read More