United States Federal Government Employee Discrimination

Federal Government Employees have a vastly different procedure to follow for claims of job discrimination and retaliation. The initial process may seem simple and less adverse as your initial complaints are handled within the agency itself. As a result, many employees fail to retain an attorney during this initial process. However, it is important to have someone familiar with the process from the outset to guide you in the right direction. The deadlines are fast and the procedural pitfalls are vast. The Furniss Law Firm can help you through these processes.

Federal Employees who suffer adverse actions may recover, among others:

  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Compensatory damages (e.g., emotional distress)
  • Removal of discipline and/or reinstatement

The Furniss Law Firm handles various federal employee cases including:

EEOC Discrimination Complaints

It is important to contact an attorney early on in the EEOC complaint process to guide you through the Informal Complaint or Pre-Complaint stage and the Formal Complaint/Investigation stage. Often, the agency will attempt to delay these processes. After the internal agency investigation is complete, you should receive a Report of Investigation (ROI). If you have not retained a lawyer at this stage, contact one immediately. You will have a right to request a hearing with an EEOC Administrative Judge and conduct your own investigation, called "discovery." Too many times, employees will call after the discovery period is over and only a month or two before their hearing. At this time, it is very difficult to take your case because it severely limits the ability of your attorney to put your best case forward. Regardless of the stage of your complaint, contact St. Louis employment attorney Ryan Furniss for a free initial consultation.

Proposed Removals

In most circumstances, prior to being terminated, the agency must give you a proposed removal. The Furniss Law Firm can fight proposed removals and possibly help you retain your job from the outset. It is extremely important to contact a lawyer as soon as you receive this proposed removal.

Office of Special Counsel (OSC)

OSC is an independent federal agency that investigates prohibited personnel actions including discrimination, reprisal/retaliation against whistleblowers, nepotism, or coercing political activity. In 2012, President Obama signed the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act. This law vastly increased your rights through OSC.

Merit Systems Protection Board (MSBP) Appeals

The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 provides some federal employees with rights to appeal adverse actions to the MSPB. These adverse actions include removal, suspensions in excess of 14 days, demotion in grade or pay, and certain furloughs. Your agency is required to provide you with notice that its action is appealable. However, that does not always happen. As such, if you believe that you have an appealable issue, contact us today regardless of whether you received agency notice.

Help From an Experienced St. Louis Employment Attorney

If you are a federal employee facing job discrimination or retaliation, we can help. The Furniss Law Firm has helped federal government employees nationwide. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation about your rights.