Tortious Interference with a Contract / Business Expectancy

Individuals and small businesses typically face disadvantages in negotiating contracts or employment. On top of that, they face constant competition which, when fair, is healthy for a capitalist society. However, what happens when a company goes too far? In Missouri, you can recover for unfair business practices when you have proof of:

  1. a contract or valid business expectancy;
  2. defendant had knowledge of the contract or relationship;
  3. a breach was induced or caused by defendant’s intentional interference;
  4. there lacks justification for the breach;
  5. and you were damaged as a result.

While there are other ways to show a lack of justification, some improper means include threats of violence, trespass, defamation, misrepresentations of fact, or some other unlawful act.

Help From an Experienced St. Louis Employment Attorney

If you have lost your job, your business or your company because of the unlawful business practices of another, contact the Furniss Law Firm to discuss your situation. St. Louis employment attorney Ryan Furniss offers experienced legal representation throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area and Metro-East, the Kansas City metropolitan area, outstate Missouri, the Chicago metropolitan area, and downstate Illinois.