Wrongful Termination / Discrimination

In many states and unless you have a contract stating otherwise, an employer can terminate you for ANY reason or no reason at all. However, if you are fired because of unlawful discrimination, harassment, or in retaliation for advocating for your protected rights, then you may have a claim against your former employer.

Some of these protected rights include race, age, disability, religion, gender (including pregnancy and pregnancy complications), or filing a worker's compensation or overtime claim.

Under Federal law and Illinois law, the discrimination must be a motivating factor in their determination to terminate or discipline you. However, under the Missouri Human Rights Act, employers cannot fire you if your race, age, disability, religion or gender was a contributing factor in the decision to terminate your employment. Large corporations and business interest groups want to change this law to make it harder for you to recover when you have been wrongfully terminated from your job for a discriminatory reason. Contact your Missouri state representatives today to let them know that you support the current law.

Time Limits for Workplace Termination and Discrimination Claims

In Missouri, you have 180 days under the Missouri Human Rights Act. However, the time limits for whistleblower protections are quick and can be as little as 30 days depending on the law that protects you. If you fail to file a timely complaint, your case may be barred forever.

Help From an Experienced St. Louis Employment Attorney

Because of the strict time limits, whether you have been fired or retaliated against because of your race, gender, age, or disability, contact St. Louis employment attorney Ryan Furniss immediately to discuss your claim. Ryan offers a free, confidential consultation about your rights and legal options. The Furniss Law Firm takes employment law cases throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area and Metro-East, the Kansas City metropolitan area, outstate Missouri, the Chicago metropolitan area, and downstate Illinois.