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After being injured, the railroad employee was terminated for unrelated reasons. Despite this, the Furniss Law Firm was able to obtain a substantial settlement for a back injury.
A railroad employee was cleared by his personal doctor to return to work after an off-duty injury. However, when he attempted to return to work, the railroad refused to let him mark-up for duty. The employee was returned to work and settled his discrimination complaints on a confidential basis.
An employee of the Veterans Administration was harassed and retaliated against after a consensual relationship with another employee turned bad. Instead of blaming the harasser, the VA attempted to terminate her for making complaints about the harassment.
A United State Postal Service carrier was wrongfully terminated while pregnant and on intermittent FMLA leave. She was suffering from pregnancy-related limitations. Instead of working with her limitations, the USPS chose to get rid of her instead. The USPS not only paid a substantial sum to settle this case but the Client was also offered reinstatement to a similar carrier position.