I was fired from my job in 2012 while I was pregnant with my twin daughters so I was looking for a lawyer for a discrimination case. I went through the EEOC. Once they could not resolve my case, they Referred me to a lawyer that could not help me as well so he called Ryan Furniss - which was a really big help because I was going to give up but Ryan was on the job. I chose Ryan because he worked on my case right away and he did not stop ... . I believe I also changed my number 30 times, he made sure he reached me by calling my family to sending me letters etc. I knew he had other cases and was very busy but he made sure he had the time to talk to you and made sure you understood everything that was going on. The way he took action on my case was very professional. I would tell anybody looking to hire Mr. Ryan Furniss to handle their case he is a man of his word, he will make sure you won't miss a beat about your case - he is well worth it. I won't think twice about hiring anybody else he is great!

– R.J.

I was looking for a lawyer because I believed I was discriminated against by my employer. I was also unfairly terminated. I called around to different lawyers which didn't take this type of cases but he was highly recommended by another lawyer. I was able to win my case because of his determination to prove I was unjustly done. He's an upright lawyer fair and honest. In choosing Mr. Furniss I felt good it was a quick and easy process. I strongly recommend him for anyone looking for a lawyer who feels they were unjustly done. At least have a talk with him.

Thanks again for a GREAT JOB!

– Anonymous